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How Did Classical Music Affect Louis Armstrongs Life

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Ella Fitzgerald \u0026 Louis Armstrong - Summertime

That is how jazz became a lifestyle because many of the people who originally listened to jazz had nothing else but jazz. Louis Armstrong did many things that changed the face of jazz. While many jazz hornists played the muted cornet, Louis Armstrong had a difficult time playing the muted cornet. Louis was extremely upset about this because it was what his idol King Oliver played. But there was a big difference: Armstrong had no aptitude for muted playing. Instead of playing jazz in the typical night club, through Louis Armstrong, jazz made its way into famous concert halls. That these achievements were later turned to other purposes—such as ushering jazz into the concert hall—in no way diminishes either those achievements or the significance of the night-club culture that made them possible.

Instead of it being erratic it had become a type of classical music. Because of Louis Armstrong, jazz could be played anywhere. Louis Armstrong did many great things in the jazz community. He changed so many things and allowed jazz to grow with him. Jazz evolved as he evolved as a trumpeter. Louis was a great musician and will always be remembered for his pure, raw talent. The world has yet to see another man as passionate about his music as Louis was.

But Armstrong also became an enduring figure in popular music due to his distinctively phrased baritone singing and engaging personality, which were on display in a series of vocal recordings and film roles. He weathered the bebop period of the '40s, growing ever more beloved worldwide. By the '50s, Armstrong was widely recognized, even traveling the globe for the US. State Department and earning the nickname "Ambassador Satch. In , a year after his death, he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Similarly, many of his most influential recordings, like 's "West End Blues" and 's "Mack the Knife," have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Born in in New Orleans, Louisiana, Armstrong had a difficult childhood.

William Armstrong, his father, was a factory worker who abandoned the family soon after the boy's birth. Armstrong was brought up by his mother, Mary Albert Armstrong, and his maternal grandmother. He showed an early interest in music, and a junk dealer for whom he worked as a grade-school student helped him buy a cornet, which he taught himself to play. He dropped out of school at 11 to join an informal group, but on December 31, , he fired a gun during a New Year's Eve celebration, and was sent to reform school. He studied music there and played cornet and bugle in the school band, eventually becoming its leader.

He was released on June 16, , and did manual labor while trying to establish himself as a musician. He moved to the Fate Marable band in the spring of , staying with Marable until the fall of Armstrong moved to Chicago to join Oliver 's band in August and made his first recordings as a member of the group in the spring of He married Lillian Harden , the pianist in the Oliver band, on February 5, She was the second of his four wives. With her encouragement, he left Oliver and joined Fletcher Henderson 's band in New York, staying for a year and then going back to Chicago in November to join the Dreamland Syncopators , his wife's group.

During this period, he switched from cornet to trumpet. Armstrong had gained sufficient individual notice to make his recording debut as a leader on November 12, For live dates, he appeared with the orchestras led by Erskine Tate and Carroll Dickerson. Cyr on banjo. His band developed a unique collaboration among leader, soloist, and group. African music influenced jazz by use of rhythm, improvisation, call and response, and narrative techniques.

Rhythm is an important part in jazz. If there is no groove, then entertainment is not found. African rhythms are used in jazz constantly. Armstrong invented great solos and transformed dull tunes to exciting new melodies by slightly changing the pitch and rhythm of the piece. Louis also made scat singing, the singing of nonsense syllables to create a melody, popular. These talents earned him the name as one of the best jazz improvisers of all times. Another quality of jazz that made it different than any other genre of music is improvisation.

Improvisation is when musicians simultaneously play, using only the chord changes as a base. In other words, they make it up as they go! This is another example of how jazz music is felt. One genre that uses improvisation as a major concept is free jazz. Free jazz was really popular during the ss. One free jazz artist was Cecil Taylor. And through swing, it teaches you that other people are individuals too.

It teaches you how to coordinate with them.

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